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Foreign Rights: Turkey

I got my Turkish cover! I really enjoy seeing what covers look like in different markets. This one is stunning.




The Hundredth Queen released in Turkey on January, 19. I’m already hearing from book bloggers. I love connecting with readers worldwide. It’s fun to hear from them!

I Sold a Trilogy!


THE EVERMORE CHRONICLES is another YA fantasy. This series has ships, a mysterious island, a forsaken kingdom, and a magic system that revolves around Father Time. I am so excited to share a new world and characters with my readers.


Book one, CARVING HEARTS, will release after book four of The Hundredth Queen series.


THQ- Book 4!


A fourth (and final!) book is coming to The Hundredth Queen Series. I’ve been sitting on this news for a while. The manuscript is nearly done. Now that readers are getting ARCs of The Rogue Queen, and I’m getting frantic messages asking if there will be more to the story, I thought it was time to let everyone in on the news. I am so excited to continue Kalinda’s journey!


*Stay tuned for more news next week!*